Loop an array and print items

Loop an associative array and print items

Get length of array

Get minimum value in the array

Get maximum value in the array

Join items in the array

Sort array in ascending order

Sort array in descending order

Sort associative array based on key in ascending order

Sort associative array based on key in descending order

Sort associative array based on value in ascending order

Sort associative array based on value in descending order


Create class and object

Create derived class and object


Manipulate MySQL (Connect/Create Table/Insert/Select/Drop/Transaction)

Manipulate PostgreSQL (Connect/Create Table/Insert/Select/Drop/Transaction)

Manipulate SQLite (Connect/Create Table/Insert/Select/Drop/Transaction)

File systems

Check existence of file

Write to file and read whole content of file at one time

Write to file and read content of file line by line

Check existence of directory

Create and delete directories recursively

Create, change permission and remove directory

Recursively find only files under certain directory


Crawl and parse content of web site


Align decimal places


Print string (Hello World)

Trim white spaces of string at head and tail

Split string by separator

Make characters lower and replace specified character

Change upper characters into lower characters

Capitalize first character of all words

Get length of string

Check whether the string contains the specified string by regex

Print all matched parts by regex

URL encode the string

URL decode the string

Convert string into hashed string using sha256

Convert character encoding


Execute system command in program and get the result


Assert result


Get current date time in the format of YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss

Get date of X days ago (example: 2 days ago)


Dump variable and check content

Check whether the variable is defined or not

Print passed parameters(ARGVs) through command line

Read Json file and parse it

Import environmental value from .env(dotenv) and print specified ENV value